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Our Core


Here at Ray of Hope, we believe that each woman:

  • Has a God-given purpose

  • Should be respected and has a right to pursue her God-given destiny regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, or creed.


Our Vision

To empower, educate and enhance the lives of women and their families and propel them to find their purpose and fulfil their destiny.


  • Act as a collective network resource and voice for women

  • Establish, support, and facilitate educational activities

  • Generate and when considered appropriate, distribute goods as needed.

  • Develop and provide a list of community and governmental resources to assist women.


The ATTORNEY GENERAL'S REPORT reflected that nearly a third of women murdered each year in the United States are killed by domestic violence. Almost 50% of the households where domestic violence occurs also has a child under 12yrs old.  Children who witness domestic violence are prone to depression and anxiety.

In 2018, the FLORIDA Department of Law Enforcement reported that 104, 914 domestic violence incidences were reported.  In 2019, Florida's Attorney General, Ashley Mood, reported that more than 120,000 cases of domestic violence were reported.  The horrific fact is that countless cases go unreported.

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